Surface roughness of machining parts and its influence factors

The surface Geometry characteristics of machining parts includes surface roughness, surface wave, surface processing texture etc. Surface roughness is the basic unit of surface geometric characteristics of the machining parts. When processing with metal cutting tools, the surface roughness is mainly affected by geometric factors, physical factors and mechanical processing factors.geometric elements

1, From the geometric point of view, the shape and the geometric angle of the cutting tool have a greater impact on the surface roughness.

2,  physical factors

(1) from the physical considerations of cutting process, the cutting edge of the blade and the  extrusion and friction  at the back of the tool make metal materials plastic deformation, it deteriorates the surface roughness seriously. In the processing of metal machining, high hardness BUE(built-up edge) can be generated easily. It can replace the cutting edge to cut, change the geometry of the tool angle and the back engagement of the cutting edge. The contour of the BUE is very irregular, so the knife marks can be found on the workpiece with depth and width changed constantly. Some BUE embedded into the workpiece, also increased the surface roughness.

(2) the vibration of cutting will also increase the surface roughness.

3, process factors

From the process point, there are factors related to cutting tools, and the workpiece material-related factors and processing conditions etc.



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