SHANK PRECISION MACHINING PARTS CO., LTD is a Precision Machining Parts China Manufacturer which established in 2005. We can produce Turning parts, Milling parts, Plastic parts, Die Casting Parts etc. Parts can be produced in  Aluminum 6061T, 7075T, brass, stainless steel, and other materials as your request.

We do not offer ready made (commercially off the shelf) parts, but are instead of exclusively manufacturing custom parts based on your drawings or existing samples.

文字环绕图片We have earned a strong reputation in the engineering development trade worldwide and are well known for our machining experts and development of components. To ensure our customers will only get the highest quality products, We have the experts to do 100% inspection before distribution. Our products have been sent to over 20 countries, including United States, Canada, Europe and Australia etc.

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Address: No. 88, Lanzhou Rd,

Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

E-mail: info@shankmachining.com

Tel: +86 (0)551 6377 0991

Website: www.shankmachining.com


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